Optimal solution in the field of mineral nutrition of agricultural plants and seed supply

Focused specialization

We work with agricultural enterprises in all regions of Russia since 2011

Modern technologies

We take into account the latest trends in agricultural chemistry development

Accuracy and calculation

All proposed solutions rely on data of quality laboratory study.

«Complect», LLC offers a complete range of services in order to obtain the optimum result thanks to a competent approach to the arrangements for agricultural plants nutrition.

The main lines of work

Agronomical Services

Mineral feeding of plants is an essential component of the activities of a modern agricultural enterprise. However, for the achievement of the optimal result, it is necessary to strike a balance of the sufficient amount of nutrients and preservation of the soil structure and status.

Excessive fertilization blocks the plant uptake of many necessary chemical elements by plants, thereby reducing yield.

Meanwhile, the suitable dosage of mineral fertilizers allows agricultural enterprises to increase the efficiency of the operated acreage significantly. This fully applies both to open fields and to greenhouses.

  • Agrochemical analysis of the soil (pH, total salinity, level of nitrogen, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and other indicators)
  • Chemical analysis of water (pH, total salinity and salt composition)
  • Process scheme development for the arrangements for any crop nutrition.
  • Plant analysis:
    • functional tissue diagnostics of the mineral nutrition of plants (using a photoelectric colorimeter),
    • express diagnostics of nitrogen nutrition of plants (N-tester AgroMaster),
    • analysis of the moisture content of grain and grain products.

Seed supply

One of the company's key priority is the supply of high-quality seed stock to farming enterprises and large greenhouse complexes.

We supply seeds for open fields and intended for use in protected ground.

Each batch of products undergoes mandatory testing by our own laboratory before shipment to the consumer.

We supply seeds of:

  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • eggplant
  • leaf lettuce

The supply of seeds is carried out on an individual order, taking into account the specifics of the technological processes organization at a particular enterprise.

Taking into account the nuances of growing seeds and handling of plants of a particular variety allows you to achieve maximum yield and predict cropping periods accurately. Therefore, the supply of seed stock is accompanied by mandatory consultancy support of an agricultural technologist throughout the cycle of growing crops.

For open fields and protected ground

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